Since 2011, we have been working on multiple games for gaming companies, media agencies and start-ups.

Game Development

We offer the following services in game design and production:

  • Game Design
  • Game Production for Mobile, Web & Smart-devices
  • Development Services – Web Technologies (front-end & back-end), Unity3D
  • Development for VR and AR platforms

About Us

Itzhak Wolkowicz


Itzhak is digital media marketer with a background in retail marketing.
With extensive experience in marketing technologies & B2B marketing, Itzhak is a firm believer in measurable activities that can show clear ROI benefits.

In his spare time, Itzhak likes to explore new technologies and to take photos with one of his far-too-many analog film cameras.

Martin Climatiano


Martin is a software engineer with over a decade of experience and a vast repertoire of video games projects behind him.

In his spare time, Martin plays video games (Wow. Who’da thought!), and maintains his personal programming blog (

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